The Most Wonderful Time of The Year- Five Simple Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Tanner Laverty  /   December 15, 2017

During this, “the most wonderful time of the year”, it is easy to get caught up in checking things off of Christmas lists, making sure you have the right outfit for that holiday party, or baking dozens of cookies, (even when you don’t like baking). Do so, and you will miss out on the JOY that the holidays bring. Here are a few ways to spread some holiday cheer, and get back in the spirit of the season:

Five Simple Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

1. Ho-Ho-Honk For The Holidays- Place a sign in the back window of your car to prompt a little merry-making! Something as simple as “Honk if you love Santa!” is sure to generate some honks AND smiles during tough winter commutes.

2. Reach Out To An Old Friend- Use Skype or Facetime to come face-to-face with someone you have not seen in a while, you will both be glad you did!

3. Pay It Forward- When paying for your groceries or coffee, pay the bill for the next person in line. Limited funds? Pay $10 or $20 toward their bill. Either way, the kind act of a stranger is sure to bring them joy.

4. Be A Big Tipper- Most serving staff rely on tips as the majority of their income. Give them a little boost by leaving a larger than average tip for someone who provides great service, and help ease their burden this holiday season.

5. Lend A Neighbor A Helping Hand- We are all short on time during the holidays. Help a neighbor free up some time by mowing their lawn or assisting with their Christmas light installation.

At Laverty Chacon, we enjoyed spreading a little holiday cheer to our tenants, while delivering cookie gift boxes with a message of appreciation from each property owner. We also helped make a difference in the community, by donating grocery store gift cards to ensure several single-mother led families would enjoy a fantastic holiday feast. Making an impact on our local community is important to us, and we look forward to doing so even more in 2018. Watch our efforts, by subscribing to our blog at

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