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Retail Tenant Representation Services for Commercial Real Estate

Real estate tenant representation is exactly how it sounds. Our experienced brokers represent tenants by advising them with their commercial, office, industrial, and retail real estate purchases. We help clients make sound decisions by analyzing their property and its location as well as, whether they should stay or leave a property based on their needs and goals. Our team of professional brokers at Laverty Chacón focuses on the best interest of the client and works tirelessly to meet their financial and CRE portfolio goals. Our brokers are very familiar with the Sacramento and San Jose areas and are extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of the industry.

Choosing Laverty Chacón’s real estate tenant representation services to assist with assessing your properties is one of the best decisions any tenant can make. Laverty Chacón CRE represents commercial, office, industrial, and retail tenants in the areas of site selection, disposition, and market positioning. Leveraging our strong market knowledge, extensive contact base, experience, and professional research staff, we work hard to help our clients choose the right property that will help them achieve their CRE portfolio growth and financial objectives.


Our Professional Brokerage Team Assists Tenants With:

  • Site Selection & Analysis
  • Comparative Lease Analysis
  • Lease vs. Own Analysis
  • Lease Buyout Analysis
  • Sale Leaseback Analysis
  • Relocations
  • Expansions
  • Interest-based Negotiations

With over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding and knowledge of the industry, Laverty Chacón is the top choice for clients needing real estate tenant representation services for their commercial, office, industrial, and retail real estate properties. Feel comfortable making logical and financially smart decisions based on our in-depth research and a complete analysis of the market. Start achieving your financial objectives by calling the expert brokerage team at Laverty Chacón today!

Laverty Chacón Offers Commercial Property Management & Brokerage Services In: