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Project Management

Managing a project begins long before the lease is signed. Laverty Chacón’s project managers are ready to oversee every aspect of a project from the 50,000 foot perspective to the detailed minutia. Our project management experts have the experience and skills required to effectively manage any property-related project, including financial analysis, planning, construction, technology, and move coordination. Our construction management services are designed specifically for clients seeking to maximize their return on investment with cost effective project management and execution. From renovation to restoration to building expansion, Laverty Chacón is specialized to get the job done right.


Project Management Services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Consultant Team Interview, Assembly & Supervision
  • Work Letter Analysis
  • Budgeting & Scheduling
  • Technology Integration
  • Construction Supervision
  • Project Documentation
  • Move Coordination
  • Act as your representative, leaving clients free to focus on other priorities
  • Work with you to develop budgets and RFPs, controlling overall project
  • Analyze site options and construction methods, maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost to deliver the highest quality structure possible
  • Select and manage contractors and subs who will work with us to maintain project schedules, budget and quality standards, and mitigating variances to the plan
  • Negotiate contracts to reduce exposure, total project cost, and delivery schedules
  • Manages a tight schedule, working to deliver on time, or ahead of schedule, and at or under budget
  • Deliver consistent project reports keeping the lines of communication open, enabling us to react to any client changes or issues
  • Troubleshoot issues, decreasing exposure to delay, cost overrun, change orders or other unexpected events
  • Deliver a fully integrated, turnkey construction project solution

Don’t let the details of your project get you behind. Contact Laverty Chacón and get your project running smoothly.