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1031 Exchange Services in Northern California

1031 Exchange Companies in California

Investors wanting to trade up, consolidate, diversify, leverage or relocate their investments and not be penalized by having to pay either capital gains or recapture taxes can benefit greatly from 1031 Exchange transactions. Laverty Chacón has the experience to help clients use 1031 Exchanges as a powerful wealth building tool and a way of adjusting investment portfolios to more accurately reflect their life style choices and circumstances.

We help our clients ensure they are familiar with and follow the 1031 Exchange Rules:

  • Exchange Basics
  • Sale vs. an Exchange
  • Five Reasons to Exchange
  • Calculating Capital Gain
  • Delayed Exchanges
  • 1031 Contract Language
  • Exchange Terminology
  • Qualified Intermediary
  • Exchange Requirements
  • Requirement for Full Deferral
  • Value, Net Equity and Debt
  • Partial Exchanges
  • Exchange Variations
  • Simultaneous Exchange
  • Delayed Exchange
  • Identification Rules
  • Multiple Properties
  • Reverse Exchanges
  • Improvement Exchanges
  • Like Kind Property Issues
  • Like-kind Property
  • Leasehold Interests
  • Tenant-In-Common Entities

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