1031 Exchange Services in Northern California

1031 Exchange Services in Northern California

Investors wanting to trade up, consolidate, diversify, leverage or relocate their investments and not be penalized by having to pay either capital gains or recapture taxes can benefit greatly from 1031 Exchange transactions. Laverty Chacón is the 1031 Exchange company that has the experience to help clients use 1031 Exchanges as a powerful wealth building tool and a way of adjusting investment portfolios to more accurately reflect their life style choices and circumstances.

How Does the 1031 Exchange Work?

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code enables you to defer taxes whenever you sell a property and accrue capital gains. However, it requires you to purchase similar properties using capital gains to enjoy the deferment of state and federal taxes on your sale proceeds. Laverty Chacón can guide you through the process and help you identify a property to exchange into. There are also strict rules you must adhere to in order to defer taxes successfully. For example, did you know to successfully execute the 1031 exchange in Northern California, there must be a qualified third-party intermediary to hold the funds from the surrendered property as you wait to purchase another one?

As a real estate investor, you will trigger capital gains taxes when you sell your properties affecting your return on investment. However, if you take advantage of current exchange laws, you can defer these capital gains taxes, thereby increasing your returns and postpone the tax payments indefinitely. At Laverty Chacón, we can help you take advantage of the 1031 Exchange rules to safeguard your investment gains.

We help our clients ensure they are familiar with and follow the 1031 Exchange Rules:

  • Exchange Basics
  • Exchange Variations
  • Sale vs. an Exchange
  • Simultaneous Exchange
  • Five Reasons to Exchange
  • Delayed Exchange
  • Calculating Capital Gain
  • Indentification Rules
  • Delaying Exchanges
  • Multiple Properties
  • 1032 Contract Language
  • Reverse Exchanges
  • Exchange Terminology
  • Improvment Exchanges
  • Qualified Intermediary
  • Like Kind Property Issues
  • Exchange Requirements
  • Like-kind Property
  • Requirement for Full Deferral
  • Leasehold Interests
  • Value, Net Equity and Debt
  • Tenant-In-Common Entities
  • Partial Exchanges

    Why Work with Us?

    At Laverty Chacón, we understand that the security of your money is paramount. Using the example above, we will help you find a trustworthy intermediary to hold your funds in trust as you complete the tax-deferred exchange.

    If you plan to sell your commercial property and wish to enjoy the benefits of 1031 Exchange, contact us at Laverty Chacón for professional assistance today.

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