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Commercial Brokerage Services In California

Commercial Real Estate Tenant Representation

Our experienced brokers represent tenants by advising them with their commercial, office, industrial, and retail real estate purchases. We help clients make sound decisions by analyzing their property and its location as well as, whether they should stay or leave a property based on their needs and goals. Our team assists tenants with site selection & analysis, lease vs. own analysis, sale leaseback analysis, relocations, and much more!

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Commercial Real Estate Marketing & LeasingServices

The commercial real estate leasing and marketing needs of our clients vary by type and class of asset. We remain closely involved with the positioning, marketing, and leasing of client CRE properties. Our in-depth understanding of the relationship between marketing and leasing, tenant retention, building operations, and maintenance give us the leverage we need to keep all of these components working together to positively impact the bottom line.

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Commercial Real Estate Investment Acquisition

We partner with our clients, helping them develop and understand their investment criteria and leading them through the site selection, analysis, and acquisition process. Our clients rely on our experienced and knowledgeable team for the insight, leadership, and guidance to help them make sound commercial real estate investment decisions. A few of the many investment acquisition services we assist with are location & site analysis, market analysis, risk management, financing alternatives, and much more!

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Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales

At Laverty Chacón, our brokerage professionals work with clients to identify their specific needs and goals to provide a creative approach to the disposition of their assets. We conduct a thorough assessment of the property and the comparable market, then develop a custom marketing strategy to ensure the client’s property is presented to attract the most appropriate potential buyers. We focus on delivering exceptional investment sales services with our commercial real estate brokerage services including value analysis, taxation analysis, exit strategies, and much more!

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1031 Exchange

Investors wanting to trade up, consolidate, diversify, leverage or relocate their investments and not be penalized by having to pay either capital gains or recapture taxes can benefit greatly from 1031 Exchange transactions. We assist our clients with exchange basics, calculating capital gain, understanding 1031 exchange language, exchange requirements, and much more.

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Commercial Brokerage Services Brokerage We Assist With:

  • Location & Site Analysis
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Investment Analysis

We Help Our Clients Ensure They Are Familiar with And Follow The:

  • Exchange Basics
  • Sale vs. an Exchange
  • Five Reasons to Exchange
  • Calculating Capital Gain
  • Delayed Exchanges
  • 1031 Contract Language

Look to Our Commercial Brokerage Company To Deliver:

  • Value Analysis
  • Exit Strategies
  • Taxation Analysis
  • Sale Leaseback Analysis
  • Tax Deferred Exchange Alternatives
  • Installment Sale Alternatives
  • Interest-based Negotiations

When Listing Your Property for Lease We Can Provide:

  • Guidance for Terms & Conditions
  • Market Rent Surveys
  • Local Canvassing
  • Cold Calling
  • Property and Window Signage
  • Web Postings
  • Flyers and Brochures

We understand how overwhelming investing in your future can be, especially when investing in commercial properties. You can trust our commercial real estate brokers to ensure you find the perfect property in the right area that is going to help your investment grow and reach it’s full potential! Of all the commercial brokerage companies located in Northern California, Laverty Chacón is prepared and ready to offer you commercial real estate brokerage services like never before! Invest in a successful future by giving our professional commercial real estate brokers a call today!

Investors Don’t Always Have The Depth And Breadth Of Knowledge Or Experience They Need To Invest Wisely.

For over 20 years, Laverty Chacón has been representing investors looking to use commercial real estate as an investment vehicle to achieve their financial goals. We are experienced and have the necessary industry knowledge which makes us the commercial brokerage company in Northern California that our clients choose time and time again!

Laverty Chacón Offers Commercial Property Management & Brokerage Services In: