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Property Maintenance & Vendor Management

Too often, property management is viewed as a painful cost of doing business. Just about every commercial property owner has experienced the pain of letting some management or operational issue get out of hand. At Laverty Chacón, we view property management as an opportunity to achieve client satisfaction through:

Customer Service
Responsive, cost-effective property management is part of the foundation of our high-touch customer service program. We know that issues don’t always happen during the convenient 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday zone. Laverty Chacón’s dedicated, professional staff provides 24/7 coverage, resulting in satisfied tenants, asset preservation, and lower loss histories.

Cost Control
At Laverty Chacón we work hard to reduce costs through the development of sound guidelines for asset management and property maintenance procedures, systems and quality standards. Consistently adhering to these procedures and standards actually reduces operating expenses by making the building more desirable. The net result is reduced vacancies and increased revenue.

Tenant Retention
Knowing that a property is actively managed and maintained, and that tenant issues are responded to quickly, efficiently and effectively attracts long term, responsible tenants. In short, the best kind. A well-managed building keeps tenants in place, year after year, ensuring stability of income.