Four Steps Toward Energy Efficiency for Commercial Properties

Tanner Laverty  /   December 29, 2017

A major challenge in managing any commercial asset is ensuring energy efficiency.  Utility bills are one of the largest expenses on commercial properties.  Taking steps to be energy efficient is critical to tenant retention and to remaining competitive and appealing to prospective tenants.

Consider these four easy steps toward energy efficiency:

  1. Replace rather than repair inefficient equipment. Reduced-cost upgrade programs and/ or rebate offers from local utility companies, coupled with cost savings from energy efficiency, can often make replacement more cost effective than repair.
  2. Optimize services and service times- Services such as janitorial and landscaping require dramatic use of water and electricity. Ensure irrigation is checked regularly and consider renovating turf areas by adding drought tolerant landscaping, and you will save in both water and landscaping costs.  In office buildings, having janitorial teams provide services in the early morning hours, when they can utilize natural light is an easy way to reduce electricity use.
  3. Use timers and sensors– motion sensor controlled lighting in restrooms and other common areas and light sensors on exterior lighting will reduce electricity use. Re-lamping with high performance or LED lamps dramatically decreases energy use.
  4. Block the heat– add shade trees, window tint or energy efficient blinds in and around an office building to reduce cooling costs in the warmer climates.

Is your property energy efficient? We’d be happy to help you evaluate options to improve energy efficiency.  Call Laverty Chacón at (916)722-0333 or email me at: with questions related to energy efficiency or any aspect of property management.

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