The Value of a Deep Bench- A Network of Professionals Will Help You Maximize Your Property’s Potential

Tanner Laverty  /   October 24, 2017

Championships are not won by individuals. Most of the time, championship teams are comprised of many talented players, who all do their part. They look out for each other and step in when they are needed. This “team effort” maximizes potential and should be applied to the operation of your investment property.

How Deep Is Your Bench?

Do you have options ready to address all scenarios? Do you have professionals who are the best at what they do going to bat for you? In order to maximize the potential of an investment property, you need a team comprised of individuals and companies who are the best at what they do, and you need a back-up plan: a deep bench full of options for all services required for the successful operation of your property.
Is the property management company that provides landscaping or porter service capable of providing the best quality service at the best price for those ancillary services? Or do the companies that specialize in these services offer greater value? And, have you vetted more than one vendor for each service? Even the “best” vendors sometimes get too comfortable. Even the best players age out.

A great property manager is not only one of your star players, but has built a team of professionals that are at your service. At Laverty Chacón, we have been in the commercial real estate industry for thirty years. Over that time, we have built strong relationships with the professionals needed to maximize your property’s potential. Call Laverty Chacón at (916)722-0333 or email me at: to learn more about how our team can become part of your team.

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