100% Occupancy? It’s Time to Clean House

Tanner Laverty  /   October 9, 2017

Northern California commercial real estate occupancy rates are soaring.  To most of us, however, the real estate downturn, and all of the heartache it involved, does not seem like so long ago.  It’s natural then to want to sit back and enjoy the stability of fully occupied buildings.  But, 100% occupancy allows you the opportunity to address all of the things you allowed to slide by, while the only focus was to remain profitable.

100% Occupancy Means It’s Time to Clean House

This is the month to, immediately upon expiration of the three-day notice to pay rent or quit, commence eviction proceedings on the tenant who never pays his rent on time.  The time is now to conduct interior inspections to ensure all leased space is being utilized in accordance with the use clause of each tenant’s lease agreement.  It’s time to get short-term tenants on long-term leases at market rate.

It’s time to fully uphold ALL terms of your lease agreements, whether doing so is comfortable or not.  If your current tenant is not willing to meet the obligations of their lease, there is another prospective tenant out there who will.

Do you have an outstanding situation with a tenant that you would like to address?  Laverty Chacón can help.  Call me to discuss the details and the best course of action at (916)722-0333 or email me at: ttaylor@lavertychacon.com.

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