Download a number of useful Commercial Real Estate Forms including Info Sheets for Brokers, Benefits of Hiring a CPM, Benefits to Hiring a CCIM, Tenant Summary Sheet, Return of Premises Inspection and several others!

AppFolio Online Payments Guide

For current tenants or for those considering leasing space with us, the AppFolio Online Payments Guide provides detailed information on how to activate your Tenant Portal and how to make payments online.

Personal Financial Statement

If you are considering leasing one of our spaces, but are not having an accountant prepare a personal financial statement, please print this form, fill it out completely and fax it back to us. This will allow the property owner to understand you better when considering your proposal to lease.

Benefits of Hiring a CPM®

Why Should you hire a Certified Property Manager® (CPM®) to manage your real estate investments? You own property fro one reason – as a financial investment. With years of experience and comprehensive management expertise, a CPM® can enhance the value of your real estate assets and make the most of your portfolio. Entrust your investments to the best in the business. View this brochure to see how hiring a CPM® can benefit you.

Benefits of Hiring a CCIM®

There are countless beneftis to working with a CCIM®. Commercial real estate investment requires the counsel of a qualified professional. This holds true for the individual owner of a retail, office, or industrial building or a multinational corporation. A Certified Commercial Investment Member® provides clients with the assurance that every decision will be made in the best interest of the client’s long-term investment objective. View this brochure to see how hiring a CCIM® can benefit you.

Emergency Contact Information

If you are a tenant and would like to update your contact information, please complete our Emergency Contact Form and submit it back to us.

Tenant Summary Sheet

If you’re a Tenant interested in noting major lease terms of the new commercial space or a Landlord that would like to memorialize the lease terms recently negotiated with the new Tenant, this form should help you keep track of the details that can add up quickly.

Delivery Of Premises Inspection

For Owners of commercial real estate, it’s imperative that you note the condition of the unit when you deliver it to the new Tenant. This simple inspection form should assist you with this tedious task.

Return of Premises Inspection

For Owners of commercial real estate, it is also important that you inspect the unit with the vacating Tenant as their lease terminates. This is another simple inspection form that will help you note the condition of the unit being returned.

Notice of Non-Responsibility

The notice of non-responsibility shields the owner from any lien stemming from the failure to order labor or supplies necessary to complete the project. This notice is used by landlords with tenants who do improvements on their property.