Is Your Property “Fire-Ready”? Institute these fire protection policies now.

Tanner Laverty  /   February 8, 2018

2017 was a record-breaking year for wild fires in California. According to CNN News, damages are estimated at over $10 billion, with over 500,000 acres burned.   You may think your property is not at risk, but neither did the owners of the twenty-three commercial buildings damaged or destroyed in the Wine Country fires.  Institute these fire protection policies now to be prepared for the next dry season.

5 Wild-Fire Protection Policies

  1. Ask Your Agent: Discuss coverage amounts and limitations with your insurance provider, and ensure tenants have coverage in place for their personal property. Insurance agents should also have protection and prevention tips to share.
  2. Verify Proper Storage: Conduct regular inspections to ensure tenants store combustible materials safely.
  3. Update Safety Procedures: It is important to keep exit routes and emergency contact information updated. It’s also critical to stay prepared by conducting regular fire drills.
  4. Upgrade to Advance Fire-Resistance: Use fire-resistant materials when upgrading building components such as roofs and fencing.
  5. Improve Your Landscaping: If there is open land around your building, create defensible space. At minimum, use rock or gravel to create fire breaks in landscaped areas.  Always remove weeds and dry brush, and keep tree branches away from structures and at least eight feet off of the ground.

At Laverty Chacón, we have systems in place to minimize risk.  To discuss safety procedures or risk management for your investment property, call (916)722-0333 or email me at:

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