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Notice of Non-Responsibility

admin  /   September 30, 2020

Notice of Non-Responsibility in California

In the world of commercial real estate, there are many important legal details that newcomers aren’t aware of. For example, a notice of non-responsibility is an important document that every investor should understand as they embark on their commercial real estate journey.

What is Notice of Non-Responsibility?

A notice of non-responsibility is a legal document that property owners can use to protect themselves from liability in the event of non-payment for services rendered to improve said property. Essentially, if a tenant hires a company to improve a property, but then fails to pay for those services, when filed properly, a notice of non-responsibility protects the owner from liability of paying for those services.

The precise laws relating to a property owner’s liability for non-payment vary by state. Regardless of your location though, a notice of non-responsibility is a vital tool for protecting your property ownership, particularly if you are careful to adhere to proper deadlines and conditions.

How A Notice of Non-Responsibility Works

Although this process can vary depending on the state, generally the property owner will need to fill out the form, the county clerk will then file the form, and it will eventually be posted at the property. It’s important to note that if the proper protocol for filing notices of non-responsibility is not followed, then property owners will not be protected.

There are certain situations that cannot be mitigated with a notice of non-responsibility. For example, construction companies and other service providers may claim a mechanic’s lien (also called a construction lien) on a property that they have worked to improve but have not been paid for. When this lien is in place, the construction company can hold the rights to the property until they receive compensation. It is also important to understand that posting a notice of non-responsibility will not eliminate a California Mechanic’s Lien for being enacted.

Reasons A Notice of Non-Responsibility Might Be Ineffective

Some of the most common reasons that a notice of non-responsibility might not protect an owner from repercussions include:

  • the owner authorized the tenant to make improvements
  • the owner provided authorization in the leases to allow tenants to make improvements

Example of A Notice of Non-Responsibility

Though there are certainly situations where a notice of non-responsibility is ineffective, there are others where it is absolutely vital. For example, under California law, if a tenant contracts with a construction company to improve a property without the owner’s consent, then the owner has 10 days to file a notice of non-responsibility.

If filed correctly, this notice can protect the property owner from a construction lien should the tenant fail to pay the construction company for their services.

The experienced professionals at Laverty Chacón are here to help you understand notice of non-responsibility and every other vital facet of commercial real estate investment and property management. Our California based property management firm has the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure you and your property are protected when renting to tenants, regardless of the improvements that those tenants may choose to make. To learn more about California notice of non-responsibility or anything regarding commercial property management services, call the experts at 916-722-0333 today.

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