How To Market Your Commercial Real Estate Property in Sacramento, CA

Marketing Commercial Property in Sacramento, CA

admin  /   October 30, 2020

How To Market My Sacramento Commercial Real Estate?

Understanding how to market your commercial real estate property is crucial to ensuring that you find the ideal tenant to rent and take care of your property. Navigating today’s volatile market can be challenging, especially when trying to find tenants for your commercial property.

By calling in the help of a commercial real estate brokerage, you can have professionals assess your property and design the best approach. Laverty Chacón is a commercial property management firm in Sacramento, and we are here to help make sure you know and understand how to market your commercial property correctly.

Our shared philosophy is centered on putting people first. By getting to know the individuals behind the property, we can better match tenants to your property. Our team of real estate professionals ensures every consideration has been made to maximize the potential of finding the right tenants.

Know and Understand Your Ideal Tenant.

Each individual property requires a unique marketing plan to find the best tenants. To create a successful strategy, you must first identify your target market. In the case of finding tenants, that means you must understand and define what type of tenant is best for the property.

A “type” of tenant can also be understood as the kind of commercial business that will be operating from the property. An excellent place to start determining your property’s type is by pondering some basic questions, for example, what amenities does your space provide and what kind of activities is your property not suitable for?

Laverty Chacón’s commercial property experts can help you differentiate what type of tenant is needed for your specific property and will help create a successful marketing plan.

Utilize Online Advertising and Social Media

As the coronavirus pandemic has caused many businesses to move operations online, it is critical to advertise your property through the appropriate digital channels. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are efficient and powerful advertising tools.

Presentation is essential as well, meaning that you’ll need professional photos, videos, specifications, and details about the property to inform potential tenants. YouTube and Vimeo are also growing in popularity within commercial property marketing practices.

Use Professional Signage for Your Sacramento Commercial Real Estate

A potential tenant may always be passing through the neighborhood. With professional signage, your property can capture their attention as they walk by your property. Signs must have large fonts and contact information, providing readable and useful information to interested people. It’s been reported that 20% of calls brokers receive are from people who saw a “For Sale” sign with their contact details on it.

Market Your Property Within Your Professional and Industry Network

Despite the importance of capturing the right online audiences, networking remains a great form of marketing. Spreading awareness of your property’s availability among your industry connections is a simple and effective way to get the word out.

Using your network broadens your reach in hopes of finding the right tenant for your property. If you’d like to strengthen your network, consider attending networking events in your area. You could also consider organizing your own by having an “open house”. Invite some consultants and local business executives for a light lunch and show them around the property.

How Can Laverty Chacon Help Market Your Commercial Real Estate in Sacramento, CO?

Laverty Chacón has over thirty years of experience as a property management firm in the Sacramento and San Jose Areas. Our property management and brokerage teams work together to create a fine-tuned, targeted, and comprehensive marketing plan that will ensure the right tenant finds your property! Call Laverty Chacón today at 916-722-0333 for your commercial property marketing needs.

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