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Investing In Sacramento Commercial Real Estate

admin  /   November 16, 2020

Why Should I Invest In The Sacramento Commercial Real Estate Market? 

A growing population and a growing economy go hand in hand, thus creating a market environment primed for commercial real estate investments. Despite a brief pandemic slump that we have seen in 2020, Sacramento’s commercial real estate market is heating up. This means that it’s the perfect time to consider stepping in to take full advantage of the future. Let’s look at the two main forces that are creating this opportunity and proving why you should consider investing in the Sacramento commercial real estate market.

1. A Growing Economy

Sacramento’s industrial property market has been climbing steadily for the last few years. In the first two quarters of 2019, industrial rent growth almost doubled the national average. Along with Sacramento’s growing community, new industries and companies are seeking to expand into the region. Thus, providing plentiful commercial property opportunity.

Moreover, economies are driven by supply and demand, and with Sacramento’s growing population, demand for various services and goods is increasing. With room for further growth, Sacramento is positioned to emerge as an even stronger contender compared to other regional CRE markets.

2. A Growing Population

If you want to get started or grow your commercial property investments, the best plan of attack is to start right now. The growing population and increased job opportunities will further provide a stronger and larger pool of potential tenants.

Sacramento tenants are known to be good tenants. They will likely treat your property with care and consideration, pay rent and fees on time, and will renew their lease after a good experience. Fewer vacancies and less turnover mean fewer costs on your side of the business.

Pricing A Commercial Real Estate Property in Sacramento

Conducting a comparable rent analysis can give you the comprehensive insight you need to meet the market where it stands today—and to excel in it. A comparable rent analysis examines similar nearby rentals to establish a competitive baseline for rent pricing. Professional commercial real estate property management and brokerage firms like Laverty Chacon are experienced with completing comprehensive market and rent analysis.

If you are looking to correctly price your Sacramento property, Laverty Chacon has 30 years of trusted experience to bring to the table. Our property management team will be able to analyze the market and correctly price your Sacramento property. We are prepared to walk you through your commercial property investments to ensure you feel in control while receiving extra insight and assistance on critical decisions that will ultimately impact your ROI. Trust the experts who are most familiar with the Sacramento commercial real estate scene and give us a call today to get started!

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