Failing to Hire a Professional Property Manager is a Step Toward Failure- 3 Reasons to Hire a Property Manager Now

Tanner Laverty  /   July 27, 2017

You have purchased your first (or latest) real estate investment property but have yet to hire a professional property manager.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can manage your property well, while conducting your regular business.  Here are just a few of the many reasons you should hire a professional property manager… right now.


  • Expertise

Your expertise in something helped you earn the funds to make this investment.  But, unless you are a full-time real estate investor and manager, a trained commercial property management team has greater expertise at successfully managing properties. While you work every day to perfect your craft, we work every day to perfect ours, and we thrive under pressure.  Professional property managers wear many hats and know how to balance many priorities well.   Not only do we have the first-hand experience of effectively managing other commercial investment properties, we also have completed many hours of training, obtained licenses and certifications and continue to stay abreast of the changing dynamics of our industry and our region. So, whether it’s understanding the requirements of ADA compliance or completing complicated common area maintenance expense reconciliations, our expertise will save you time and money.  At Laverty Chacón, our team has over 50 years of property management experience combined and a reputation for treating our clients like family.


  • Ability to Best Protect Your Investment

All properties, new and old, need periodic maintenance, such as tree trimming or fire sprinkler testing. Every property is also bound to require emergency maintenance services, from small repairs such as graffiti removal to emergency restoration services resulting from water or fire damage.  Periodic capital expenditures are a necessity: from roof replacement to asphalt re-sealing.  There are literally thousands of dollars at stake, and the professional property manager’s vendor network is invaluable.   We have a vast vendor network and the problem-solving skills and experience to evaluate the vendor’s proposals to determine the correct scope of work, at the best price.  Laverty Chacón’s management team has vetted quality vendors for every service and skill imaginable and worked through maintenance concerns of all types over the past thirty years.


  • Maximized Return on Investment

So many factors affect the value of your investment and your professional property manager is well-versed in all of them. From maintaining positive relationships with tenants as a result of responsiveness and fair interpretation of the lease agreement, to understanding the market and knowing when, and how far, to push rents, we will maximize the value of your investment.  We know how to connect with your tenants to build trust and boost overall tenant retention.  And, when there are issues to be addressed, whether it is late rent or a late-night maintenance emergency, a good property manager can not only protect your investment, but your peace of mind.  And when turnover is necessary, we will make recommendations to appropriately increase rental rates while also working to minimize downtime.  A well-managed property is easier to lease, thereby reducing dollars lost to vacancy.  At Laverty Chacón, we value our relationships with tenants and recognize both the tenant and the building owner as our “customers”.

If you’d like to discuss in greater detail the benefits of a professional management team, please feel free to contact me at (916) 722-0333 or If you are considering a change in your property management company, or considering hiring a professional property manager for the first time, Laverty Chacón can help.

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