Curb Appeal: The Key To Maximum Occupancy And Maximum Rental Revenue

Tanner Laverty  /   August 31, 2017

I once met a broker to preview a building in a downtown market, while searching for office space for a client. I was excited for the tour, as the space seemed to meet every one of my client’s varied needs. The broker led me through an outside stairwell, and I immediately noticed the strong odor of urine. We continued the tour, but I could not get past that smell. The building met my client’s needs, but that first impression could not be overcome.

What kind of first impression is your investment property making?

Focus on these two things to increase your property’s curb appeal and make a great first impression: 

The Grand Entrance: The first things you see: a monument or leasing sign, the red and yellow curbs along the drive aisle, the glass on the entry doors and windows, etc. must be pristine. Rarely does one notice painted sidewalk curbs, unless they are faded and full of tire marks. Then they become an eyesore. Keeping entry items clean and fresh is crucial. And remember, curb appeal extends beyond sight. Consider all of the senses. The smell of the lobby will be remembered just as much as an overflowing trash can by a lobby entrance. The entry to your property is the true first impression; make sure it is grand.

The Exclamation Mark: From landscaping in a retail center to lighting in an office building, a first impression is made or broken by attention to details. Of course, landscaping must be neat. Trimmed bushes, green grass and weed-free walkways are crucial to a retail center. But, add some color in annual beds or flowering shrubs and landscaping becomes an exclamation mark on your center. An accent piece, like a fountain or unique tree or plant, makes a statement. In an office building, clean, unfrayed carpeting, and spotless windows are a must. But, add some creative lighting and watch your office building shine. Take it a step further and accent with a unique piece of art or brightly painted accent wall. Grab attention with these exclamation marks.

Great curb appeal does not have to be costly, but bad curb appeal will cost you dearly. Do you need a fresh perspective? We’d be happy to evaluate your property’s curb appeal. Call Laverty Chacón at (916)722-0333 or email me at:

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