Sacramento Commercial Property Management: Tenant Management Services

Whether you are talking about one property or multiple, managing commercial properties can be a massive undertaking. In many cases, we find that we can make life easier for our clients by using our expertise and economies of scale by offering expert commercial real estate tenant management services in Sacramento. If you have been looking for a way to offload some of the work that comes with having commercial tenants, take a look at some of the various services we can provide.

Handling Disputes

No one likes to get caught in the middle of a dispute between any two parties. We offer a unique role when it comes to our commercial real estate tenant representation services. Due to the experience and professionalism our team offers, our company is able to have unique leverage between the property owners and anyone they might have a dispute with. We can handle the initial stages of rental disputes, operating expense disputes, contract queries, and parking problems on your behalf, often finding a resolution without bothering you with the details. For example, who’s responsible for the broken window after someone throws a rock through it? Who’s responsible for the roof leak? Who’s responsible for the interior lights? We’ll figure it out for you.

Basic Property Maintenance

Another service that many property owners find to be quite a hassle is the essential property maintenance that must be kept up with at each property. Our list of preferred vendors are fully prepared for basic maintenance like light bulb replacement, equipment malfunctions, most plumbing situations, broken fixtures, pest control, changing locks, and even fixing roof leaks.

Additional Property Concerns

Other commercial real estate tenant management services that many of our Sacramento clients enjoy include:

  • Enforcing dumping and garbage policies,
  • Addressing vagrancy
  • Conducting evictions
  • Dealing with lockouts
  • Inspecting units during move-ins and move-outs,
  • Publishing notices for tenants

Taking over all of these extra details that come with tenant management responsibilities saves our clients a massive amount of time and allows them to focus on growing their commercial real estate portfolio. Contact us today to get started and learn how we might be able to give time and energy back to what matters most.