Sacramento Commercial Property Management: Lease Management Services

Handling details like commercial lease administration for Sacramento properties is one of the biggest reasons people decide that commercial property management is not for them and ultimately choose to sell off their investment properties. However, that does not have to be the case. Partnering with a Sacramento commercial property management company equipped to offer lease administration services can make your life as an investor significantly easier. Here at Laverty Chacon, we have a commercial property management team in place that can handle the details of your lease administration needs on three different levels. These services can contribute to a better functioning operation and more profit flowing straight to your bottom line.

Managing the Details

Most real estate lease administration issues can be solved by simply trying to get the proper documents in hand well before any problems arise. We make sure to collect and file all the required legal documents and certificates of insurance. We also handle details like late fees and rental increases so that your investments stay right on track.

Lease Contract Details

Handing Sacramento commercial property lease administration items like contract details is another property management service that our clients love. This usually includes services like HVAC maintenance contracts and grease collection contracts. We can also handle the details for more specific tenant contracts like common area operating responsibilities and parking allotments.

Legal Details

In addition to handling the management details and basic lease contract details, our commercial property management services also include understanding legal details like the interpretation of responsibility, issuing legal notices, and enforcing any issues. We’re not attorneys so we can’t give you legal advice, but we can advise you from a business perspective. No matter how large or small your real estate operation might be, you will have a much easier time growing it if you allow us to take the frustration out of the basic commercial lease administration details.

Contact us today, and let’s have a conversation about getting our Sacramento based commercial property lease management services in place for your properties.